Summit 2, Shaping the Vision, is one week away!

The Steering Committee for ADVANCE, a vision for east central Indiana will host the follow-up to the successful Regional Summit one week from today. The gathering will take place from 6 to 8pm at the Horizon Convention Center in downtown Muncie.

Participants can expect to hear an update on the Regional Development Planning process, along with a summary from the first Regional Summit held in early June. Attendees will be asked to work with the planning team to help shape the vision for the region. The Planning Team will ask for insight on the region’s ability to implement the plan, and prioritize key assets and challenges.

The community’s input is a critical component of the planning process. It is being used alongside the Planning Team’s technical research to shape the final Regional Development Plan.

If you’re interested in attending the Summit 2, Shaping the Vision, please RSVP on the Get Involved page.

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