Why is ADVANCE so Important?

Why is the ADVANCE planning process to develop a Vision for East Central Indiana so important?

Why is this project being conducted? The region has a strong asset base and unrealized potential that could be unlocked through a deliberate, inclusive and in-depth vision process. Also, the state of Indiana has created an incentive program—the Regional Cities Initiative—that could bring additional resources and attention to our region if we have a compelling vision and plan. This work—regional planning process—will be beneficial regardless of the state’s program, but it does provide us with some additional incentive.

What is The Regional Cities Initiative?  ADVANCE will allow the east central Indiana region to compete in Indiana’s Regional Cities Initiative. The Indiana Economic Development Council is encouraging communities to develop a vision and action plan that will “attract and retain future generations of Hoosiers.” The Regional Cities Initiative will award funding to implement projects in those regional action plans. For more information on the IEDC’s Regional Cities Initiative visit: http://indianaregionalcities.com/

For further reading on the importance of small towns and regionalism in Indiana, see articles below.

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